What stands out about CRA for me is the quality of their people. More than a decade ago, we established a relationship with the firm’s Managing Partner and quickly expanded beyond his capacity to fulfill all our needs. Every time we meet a new Partner or Managing Director at CRA we are impressed with the knowledge they bring and disappointed we haven’t worked with them before. They are the deepest talent development practice that we know of, and we rely on them for our hardest challenges.

Global Head of Leadership Development, Fortune 50 financial services company


Working and collaborating with CRA is better than exhaustive benchmarking. You sit—brain cells to brain cells, experiences to experiences—to discuss and determine what’s best for your organization … knowing full well that you’re benefitting from the knowledge and enthusiasm of an experienced colleague who knows what works in your company, the internal communications venue, and the business world even better than you do. Their approach is different. While every consulting firm strives for excellence and cutting edge solutions, CRA customizes its plans and tactics to fit your organization’s culture. CRA doesn’t attempt to sell you wingtips if loafers are a better fit.

Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Fortune 100 food services company


We’ve found CRA to be both tops-down strategic and tactically engaged at every level of our communications efforts. Their commitment to truly understand and integrate their professional experiences and capabilities with our own resources has provided our company with an outstanding communications effort. I’d recommend them in any major, culturally sensitive transformation.

VP, Strategic Programs, Fortune 50 technology company


CRA approaches leadership development and coaching in a way that both benefits those that participate directly, as well as the broader organization that the participants come from. We have rave reviews from participants in the programs CRA has facilitated for us, and the results in personal feedback and customer feedback speak for themselves. Their people have a unique way of connecting with others and helping people realize and achieve their full potential.

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, leading regional health care provider


CRA’s approach is founded on significant data and research, and the work we’ve done with CRA around leadership communication, based on their Admired Leader Behaviors research and best practices, has added tremendous value to our organization and the results we’re achieving on our transformation initiatives. Their people are easy to work with, very competent and capable, and confident in their point of view of what is the right thing to do and how it should be done. But never arrogant … always humble and collaborative.

Director, Change Acceleration, industry-leading networking company


My working relationship with CRA has developed into a partnership. I’m heard and also hear them, and it’s a truly good thing. When issues arise or when we run across a difficult problem, the CRA team is always there to back me and my team up. The experience they have with so many different organizations helps me tremendously and the best practices and lessons learned are easily transferable to what my team and I want to accomplish. CRA brings together the right mix of talent to make sure we get what we need. It’s strategic planning and execution at its best. It works.

CEO, top-ranked regional health system


CRA’s approach is well grounded in communication research, theory, and best practice but eminently pragmatic and practical. I have been particularly impressed with the CRA team’s ability to quickly read and analyze an organization’s distinctive culture and personality—what makes the organization tick. As a result, CRA’s advice and counsel is more strategic and tailored … I’ve never felt that I was being handed an off-the-shelf, generic set of recommendations.

VP of Corporate Affairs and Director of Global Communications, global food and agricultural company


Working with CRA is a proven solution—you know that when you engage them you will get highly competent professionals with deep leadership, strategy and communication expertise. They approach problems comprehensively—not just solving the issue in front of them, but improving the organization. Ultimately, you know that they are going to deliver on what they say they are going to do. The expertise that they bring to the organization is unique. Very few companies bring this type of expertise to the table. Additionally, CRA blends into our organization—they can function like a member of the team. That’s their goal—to provide expert solutions through a seamless experience.

Chief Information Officer, Fortune 100 quick-service restaurant company


The team I had the pleasure to interact with was professional, smart, well trained and got a fast handle on the issues that we needed to address. They surgically delivered their services in an efficient manner. The best part was that they actually followed up and kept the communication lines opened. They did not just show up, deliver, and then disappear. They understand what the exit criteria are for the services they are retained for. The delivery is flawless, even with their junior consultants. And they follow up with their clients. Added value all the way.

Operations Director, international chemical company


One of CRA’s key differentiators is the clear research-based advice given by its consultants. Their knowledge of the dynamics of communication and change is, in my view, unsurpassed. We relied heavily on our CRA consultants because they knew how to effect the global change we wanted and the science behind that process. Moreover, they wanted to teach us their methodologies so that we could apply them ourselves without their continued involvement. So we received world-class advice that we could leverage forever throughout our company. On top of that, they were fun to work with; highly skilled people who were committed to service and went out of their way to help us in ways that went beyond the boundaries of the assignment. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Global Director of Quality, international consulting company


The true measure of success for a relationship with a leadership/talent development organization is how much impact the methods have and for how long. The CRA approach is not a one-time learning session that you employ until the next leadership trend comes along. The principles are built from studies of long-term success and are presented directly, without the need for trite packaging. As a result, our organization constantly refers to our CRA materials which constantly help direct the manner in which we strategize about our business. I have participated in dozens of leadership development seminars and workshops in which much of the knowledge begins to wane almost immediately. CRA is different by the fact that their approach provides memorable experiences that make for easy reference points and an unforgettable learning experience.

VP of Human Resources, national education company


I could not have done this without your help. Thank you very much for the valuable lessons and insights that you provided during the coaching program. It helped me take my career to the next level and made me start being a leader as opposed to a manager.

Executive Director, Fortune 100 financial services company