The Admired Leadership Institute®

If artful leadership is uncommon, then Admired Leadership is exceedingly rare. Over the last twenty years, we have pursued Admired Leaders in Fortune 1000 companies, attempting to learn what makes them tick. We have identified and scrutinized that small handful of leaders with a reputation for achieving extraordinary results in a manner others find respectful. We have observed and interviewed this set of leaders, seeking answers to questions fundamental to Admired Leadership:

  • What makes Admired Leaders stand out?
  • How do their reputations evolve?
  • What do Admired Leaders do in everyday settings?
  • How do they achieve exceptional results and still maintain such favorable relationships?
  • What behaviors and strategies do they employ that are unique?

What we have found through our research is truly worth sharing. This knowledge forms the foundation for the Admired Leadership Institute® in Torrey, Utah. Through case studies, dialogue, exercises, and leadership simulations, participants come to understand the secrets of Admired Leadership. As a working group, we explore how Admired Leaders reward and recognize people, push for superior results, offer feedback, create a sense of pride, display integrity, and establish a lasting presence. The setting of southern Utah with its red rock panorama and high desert climate adds to the unique perspective created by the Institute.

In recent years, the Institute has hosted participants from a wide variety of organizations, including: BMG, Capital One, ConEd, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, McDonald’s, Merrill Lynch, Standard & Poor’s, State Farm, and UBS Warburg.

ALI Dates for 2019

The Admired Leadership Institute will conduct one five-day session in 2019:

Sept. 22 (Sun) to Sept. 27 (Fri)

Sessions fill quickly—to reserve your place or for further information, please contact Shannon James at 610-644-5597 or