Toward what level of organizational leadership is the Admired Leadership Institute® geared?

The Admired Leadership Institute® is aimed at high-potential executives identified by firms as future senior leadership candidates. In larger organizations, these individuals may hold the title of manager or managing director. In smaller or mid-size organizations, these individuals may hold a second tier position. More importantly, participants have supervised between 20 to 1,000 people for at least three to five years. Their organizational tenure, at time of Institute involvement, tends to have been between 10 and 25 years.

What kinds of people enjoy the Institute?

Alumni widely regard the Admired Leadership Institute® as a rich and satisfying experience. The content is universally valued, but the moderately rugged nature of some recreational activities may not be suitable for all potential candidates.

What happens if I cannot attend the whole week?

The Admired Leadership Institute® has been designed to offer an optimal learning environment and an energizing overall experience for its participants. Potential candidates who know of schedule conflicts ahead of time are requested to select an alternate session for their ALI experience.

How comfortable is the Lodge at Red River?

The Lodge at Red River is a four-star western hotel. Institute participants are consistently impressed with accommodations that combine authentic western character with high-end comfort and convenience.

Do I need any previous experience or special abilities to take part in the planned recreational activities?

No, only the desire to learn. Admired Leadership Institute® – planned recreational activities include hiking, horseback riding, sporting clays, and fly fishing. Participants almost always have a range of experience, from beginner to advanced. Regardless of the mix of participants’ backgrounds, activities tend to bring the group together as everyone relaxes and has fun. Each activity is led by an experienced and friendly guide, and is suitable for anyone in average physical condition. Individual participants always remain free to determine their level of personal involvement. Participants with special needs can receive a tailored experience, but are requested to provide early notice to the Institute organizers.

What is the main kind of learning that participants tend to take away from the Admired Leadership Institute™?

Alumni seem to most appreciate the wealth of specific Admired Leadership® behaviors and perspectives learned from the Institute faculty. Many participants report returning to work with a collection of Admired Leader tools that they can implement immediately with relative ease. They appreciate how the Institute provides clear suggestions while at the same time encourages participants to shape the material to match their own unique styles. Alumni also comment that the ALI environment was pivotal to their ability to undertake a leadership shift. Many past participants remark that a reflective, non-work setting was needed to absorb and personalize the rich material.

What more will I know about myself at the end of the week?

Most Institute participants find that a detailed exploration of Admired Leadership® naturally lends itself to a sharper focus on personal leadership strengths and areas of growth. The Institute also includes an activity where individuals are provided with specific feedback on all of the positive ways that they are seen by the other participants.

Will I get the opportunity to talk about a particular problem?

The Admired Leadership Institute® provides a group forum for leadership growth. Participants formally and informally find themselves exploring different leadership issues in response to the Institute’s content. While the ALI experience is not primarily designed to probe individuals’ particular problems, it encourages an ongoing dialogue about participants’ leadership concerns, as they relate to the material.

Why is this worth leaving the office for a week?

Leadership matters. Our organizations and our world depend on it. Candidates for the Admired Leadership Institute® may come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a commitment to excellent leadership. Many have already distinguished themselves. All believe that they can achieve more. These high-potential individuals look at the Institute not as a week off of work, but as a week to get wise about their work. There is no doubt that the Institute is immediately energizing and satisfying for practically all who attend. Yet those who participate find that they are drawn by a deeper vision of how they might create organizational success for both themselves and others.