The ideal Admired Leadership Institute® attendee is a leader who has not yet achieved officer or partner status, but who has been identified as having “high potential” to assume expanded leadership responsibility in the near future. Leaders with an outdoor orientation are best suited for the Institute.

How do I know I’m ready for ALI?

  • You are already in a leadership position of high responsibility yet you aspire to the next level.
  • You believe that there are valuable lessons you can learn from the most distinguished leaders.
  • You want to advance your practice of leadership by learning specific Admired Leadership techniques.
  • You want to know how you measure up with the best.
  • You enjoy a setting that combines powerful insights, rich interaction, meaningful reflection, and striking natural beauty.
  • You want to create a clearer vision of your own leadership journey.
  • You want to feel free to discuss tough leadership issues with inspired mentors and peers.
  • You recognize that you have a couple of weak areas to develop and believe that even your strong areas could be pushed further.
  • You are already committed to becoming an Admired Leader®.