Our Story

When we started our journey in 1986 we had no idea we would become one of the distinguished consulting firms of our generation. We only knew we wanted to do exceptional work with exceptional people. So we built our firm slowly, one engagement and professional at a time. We learned quickly that to become trusted advisors, we had to tell the truth, as we saw it, even if that meant we wouldn’t get the contract. We also soon discovered we couldn’t be all things to all people, so we specialized, in our service offerings and in our research. Over time, we built the richest database of experience and proprietary knowledge in leadership and strategic communication in the world. Whereas early on we simply outworked everyone else, today we simply know things no one else knows. And we know how to apply that knowledge to real problems.

This is a difference that makes a difference for our clients, and we stand behind our work and our clients all the way.

Our firm is not an ideal fit for every engagement or prospective client. After all, we eschew traditional approaches and work hard to be unconstrained by conventional wisdom. Our clients prize our ability to un-complicate the complicated, and offer practical solutions to their most pressing problems. For their trust and confidence, we are grateful. We love doing this work.

What Makes Us Different

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What Clients Say

What stands out about CRA | Admired Leadership for me is the quality of their people. More than a decade ago, we established a relationship with the firm’s Managing Partner and quickly expanded beyond his capacity to fulfill all our needs. Every time we meet a new Partner or Managing Director at CRA we are impressed with the knowledge they bring and disappointed we haven’t worked with them before. They are the deepest talent development practice that we know of, and we rely on them for our hardest challenges.

Global Head of Leadership Development, Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

My CRA | Admired Leadership consultant become my teacher, mentor, and confidant. She knew when to push, when to cajole, and when to sympathize. Her advice was practical and useful. Our resulting communication plan drove the project in proactive and positive ways—and ensured our ultimate success. The focus is always on my needs and those of my team, and I can rely on CRA 100% to respond in a timely manner. All services and work products are consistently of the highest quality and customized to my specific requirements.

Program Director, Electronic Content and Records Management, Fortune 50 chemical company

CRA | Admired Leadership's approach is well grounded in communication research, theory, and best practice but eminently pragmatic and practical. I have been particularly impressed with the CRA team’s ability to quickly read and analyze an organization’s distinctive culture and personality—what makes the organization tick. As a result, CRA’s advice and counsel is more strategic and tailored … I’ve never felt that I was being handed an off-the-shelf, generic set of recommendations.

VP of Corporate Affairs and Director of Global Communications, global food and agricultural company