The premier strategic communication developmental opportunity for leaders and communication practitioners.

For years, clients have asked us:

  • Where can I learn to be more strategic in the art and practice of communication?
  • What are the best and most sophisticated forums for developing my communication competence?
  • How can I bring more of what you know about communication to my daily work?

And for years, we’ve had little to commend to them. But now we have an answer: CRA’s Strategic Communication Academy at Sundance.

For leaders, most communication-related trainings and developmental opportunities focus on communication basics like business writing or presentation skills training. They rarely—if ever—tackle the real stuff of leadership communication, things like projecting credibility, communicating strategic direction, leading through change and uncertainty, using communication to motivate and drive performance, or projecting executive presence.

For communication practitioners, most communication-related conferences, trainings, and accreditation programs focus on PR and communication basics—media relations, news writing, editing, promotions, and plans. They rarely tackle topics of changing employee behavior, alignment to strategy, the adoption of new processes and technology, or elevating the credibility of senior leadership. They also rarely involve the delicate nuances of the job: partnering with other functions, leading others, and managing up.

Until now.

The 2024 Academy

We believe we have created a development opportunity without rival, with curricula focused on increasing enrollees’ ability to use communication as a strategic asset. The location is Sundance Resort, Robert Redford’s resort high in the Wasatch Mountains outside Provo, Utah. Sundance provides a unique but comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning and challenging assumptions. For the 2024 Academy CRA offers three best-of-class development opportunities:

Leader Session

May 19 – May 24

Strategic leadership communication for leaders of people. Ideal candidates are Director to Managing Director / Vice President level.

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Communication Leader Session

June 9 – June 14

Strategic communication for those who lead communication teams, departments, or functions. Ideal candidates are high-potential communication leaders, ideally (but not exclusively) with ownership of internal communication.

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Communicator Session

June 23 – June 28

Strategic communication for communication practitioners. Ideal candidates are top-talent communication professionals and communication professionals with leadership potential.

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