“The Leader Session experience was truly extraordinary, with excellent and hugely relevant content delivered by a passionate and knowledgeable session leader focused on the practical application of the ideas and techniques. Add into the mix the breathtaking Sundance facility and it all provided for a memorable and very valuable event. I highly recommended this session for business leaders.”
IT SVP, Fidelity

“The Leader Session is truly unique. It’s specifically designed for senior leaders looking to drive results through better communication. The content is practical and immediately applicable, and the environment of Sundance creates the space for reflection, new thinking, and the cultivation of peer relationships that last long after the program. This is not a fluffy session – it requires full engagement and honest self assessment, and is worth every bit of time and energy invested.”
Corporate Communications VP, McDonald’s

“Months later, I am still reflecting on my time at the Communication Leader Session — and putting what I learned to good use. There was an incredible amount of content and insight packed into just a few short days, which I continue to use to improve my skills as a leader and raise my team’s performance. My fellow participants were top-notch, and the setting was amazing and really conducive to an immersion experience.”
Communications Director, Independence Blue Cross

“Attending the Communication Leader Session was by far the best development experience I’ve had in my career. The curriculum, peer group, and learning environment were all key factors in a productive and extremely rewarding experience … this course is a must-do for any rising communications leader!”
Communications Senior Manager, Kimberly-Clark

“I left the Communicator Session energized and inspired … Sundance pushed me intellectually and challenged my habitual ways of thinking – all for the better.”
Communications Manager, McDonald’s