The Premier Development Program For Communication Professionals

For nearly 10 years CRA has led the Strategic Communication Academy at Sundance, the world’s leading developmental opportunity for communication leaders and professionals. Outside of our weeklong Academy, clients often ask for other or additional opportunities – opportunities to further develop themselves, to develop new team members, or to dive deep into specific topics. We now have an answer for these requests: the CRA Academy Seminar Series.

Designed to provide deep understanding and cultivate proficiency, each Seminar focuses on a single topic related to strategic communication and its practice in organizations. The content is both intensive and practical, delivered across a combination of provocative readings, group discussion, and counsel from CRA professionals with a wealth of real-world advisory experience. With participation limited to 30 and an intensive program schedule, Strategic Communication Seminars are an ideal developmental opportunity for any communication professional seeking to build substantive skills and cultivate professional relationships in a brief period of time.


CRA Partners and Managing Directors with a minimum of 10 years advisory experience in Fortune 50 organizations lead each Seminar, and Seminars will typically include a variety of other CRA staff and clients who lend texture to the discussion. The agenda spans one and one-half days, with the content intentionally limited to six discussions – the goal is to engage a smaller number of more meaningful issues with depth.


The investment to attend a 2019 Strategic Communication Seminar, which includes all materials, pre-readings, seminar notebooks, lunches, and dinner on Day One is $2,500 per participant. Participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and any additional meals. For additional information or to enroll, please contact Hannah Cassidy at 610-644-5597 or You may also download the 2019 Seminar Series brochure here.

The 2019 Seminar Series

In 2019, CRA will lead six Seminars, with each hosted at our headquarters in the Philadelphia suburb of Radnor, Pennsylvania.

Building Advisory Relationships

Thursday, May 16 to Friday, May 17

Seminar Leader: Alan Nelson
The past 20 years have brought a change in role and expectations for communication professionals, shifting from tradespeople who practice a craft for the business to advisors who provide counsel to the business. This seminar covers the nature of the advisor relationship, and offers practical counsel on how to establish advisory relationships of trust, partnership, and influence with senior clients.

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Writing For Outcomes

Thursday, July 18 to Friday, July 19

Seminar Leader: Michelle McDermott

Great writing is about disciplined planning, writing, and re-writing – and the artful arrangement of words. This seminar covers the writing process, the science of creating resonance with your audience, and the rules to live by when honing a substantive style that delivers results.

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Designing Communication Strategy

Wednesday, September 4 to Thursday, September 5

Seminar Leaders: Alan Nelson and Katie Angstadt

Somewhere between a desired organizational outcome and a detailed communication plan lies a cogent communication strategy: the critical communication choices that determine what the organization should and should not say, and how and when it should say it. This seminar covers CRA’s approach to communication strategy development, including how we scan a strategic environment and make the strategic choices of tone, message, medium, and approaches that inform the specific messaging and activity that will follow.

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CRA’s Approach to Measurement and Feedback

Wednesday, September 25 to Thursday, September 26

Seminar Leaders: Kellie Hamrick and Mike Kern

Too often communication measurement is tied to click rates and other measures that don’t truly demonstrate whether a function is influencing clarity, attitudes, or behavior. This seminar covers how communication functions can use measurement to provide actionable insights and reviews the basic measurement principles and methodologies communication professionals can use to drive an organization forward.

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Communicating During Times of Change

Thursday, October 24 to Friday, October 25

Seminar Leaders: Kristin Fenty and Diana Hong

Research shows most change efforts fail to deliver promised results and ineffective communication almost always emerges as a root cause of failure. This seminar covers the frameworks, concepts, and tools communication professionals need to generate and sustain leadership commitment, craft a compelling change narrative, minimize surprises, and keep constituencies informed and committed along the way.

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Communication Agility

Thursday, November 21 to Friday, November 22

Seminar Leader: Alan Nelson

Today most organizations are sophisticated, fluid environments, and to succeed within them communication professionals must be both disciplined and flexible. This seminar covers how to bring agility to workflow and relationships, including strong situational awareness, intelligent editorial screens and service levels, and workflow management that balances planned and unplanned work.

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