The Premier Development Program For Communication Professionals

For over 10 years, CRA has led the Strategic Communication Academy at Sundance, the world’s leading developmental opportunity for communication leaders and professionals. Outside of our week-long Academy, clients often ask for additional opportunities to further develop themselves or new team members, and to dive deeper into specific topics. This led to the creation of our spotlight series: the Strategic Communication Academy Seminars.

Designed to provide deep understanding and cultivate proficiency, each seminar focuses on a single topic related to strategic communication and its practice in organizations. The content is both intensive and practical, delivered across a combination of provocative readings, group discussion, and counsel from CRA professionals with a wealth of real-world advisory experience. With a limited number of participants in each session and an intensive program schedule, CRA’s Strategic Communication Seminars are an ideal developmental opportunity for any professional seeking to build substantive skills and cultivate meaningful relationships in a brief period of time.


The 2024 Strategic Communication Academy Seminar Series will feature four uniquely crafted sessions led by CRA Partners and Managing Directors with advisory experience in Fortune 50 organizations. Session leaders will share their expertise and facilitate dialogue including other CRA staff and clients who lend texture. They also custom design the agenda and timing for each seminar, and you can find those details by navigating to a specific seminar on the left-side menu. The goal is to engage a smaller number of more meaningful issues with great depth.


The investment to attend a seminar, which includes all materials and pre-readings, is $2,500 per participant. For additional information or to enroll, please contact our Event Coordinator at (610) 644-5597 or

The 2024 Seminar Series

Generative AI Insights and Applications for Communication Professionals

Wednesday, April 10 to Thursday, April 11

We stand at a pivotal moment in technology’s evolution, where artificial intelligence emerges as a reality that will redefine the corporate communication landscape. At CRA | Admired Leadership®, our commitment is to help clients understand, adapt, and benefit from this transformative shift. In line with this commitment, we are proud to present a seminar on generative AI as part of our Strategic Communication Academy Seminar Series.

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Communicating During Times of Change

Tuesday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 22

Research shows most change efforts fail to deliver promised results and ineffective communication almost always emerges as a root cause of failure. This seminar covers the frameworks, concepts, and tools communication professionals need to generate and sustain leadership commitment, craft a compelling change narrative, minimize surprises, and keep constituencies informed and committed along the way.

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Demonstrating Internal Communication Value Through Effective Measurement

Tuesday, September 10 to Wednesday, September 11

The communication perspective posits that everything communicates, opening a realm of possibilities to effect change and foster positive organizational influence. However, this also presents a challenge for communication leaders to discern the specific effects of their work on business outcomes and to validate the function’s distinctive worth convincingly. The most impactful communication measurement portfolios are those that not only track impact but also align with the organization’s strategic goals to demonstrate how communication drives business results. Savvy communicators must evolve from merely tallying activities, views, and clicks to adopting a measurement approach that showcases and enhances the role of internal communication, thereby affirming its value.

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Building Advisory Relationships

Tuesday, November 12 to Wednesday, November 13

For talented professionals in leadership and communication roles, relationships are the currency for successful initiatives, team members, and careers. In this seminar, participants learn how to better influence and advise others, and keep those relationships strong for the long-term.

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