Building Advisory Relationships

Over a career, a point always comes when excellence in what you do is not enough. To be more strategic and effective in your role, you find you need to influence those you have no formal authority over – or those who may even officially lead you. To do that, you need to be seen as a trusted advisor.

The Building Advisory Relationships Seminar covers the nature of the advisor relationship and offers practical counsel on how to establish those of trust, partnership, and influence with senior clients. Diana Hong and Mallory Stacey of CRA | Admired Leadership’s Strategic Communication and Leadership Practices, will lead a developmental discussion across six areas:

  • What it Means to be a “Trusted Advisor”
  • Giving Advice for Effect
  • What It Means to be Interpersonally Strategic
  • Forging Executive Relationships
  • Developing an Executive Style
  • Cultivating Professional Expertise

Your seminar registration includes a complimentary administration of our proprietary Leadership Style Assessment and interpretation. The content spans three two-hour virtual sessions across two days, with an intentionally small group to drive deep dialogue and learning.. While subject to change, the agenda is:

  • Tuesday, November 12: 10:30 am-noon Eastern and 1:30-3:30 pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, November 13: 9:00-11:00 am Eastern
  • After the Seminar: One-to-one coaching sessions for each participant, optional

For additional information or to enroll, please contact our Event Coordinator at 610-644-5597 or