Style critiques are one of the most popular pieces of feedback to give, one of the most perplexing to receive, and one of the most challenging to change. No matter the level of executive, many organizations falter at providing practical tools and advice to help leaders evolve their style as they grow. And many individuals are left saying “I am who I am” and lack the resources to understand that it’s not a personality issue, but a set of social markers they can control in a genuine way. With an understanding of the hidden code of style, they will learn why they show up the way they do, and how they can alter their style code to create executive presence, increase results, and strengthen relationships. Through primary and secondary research, and over 30 years of experience with more than 12,000 leaders, we have cracked the hidden code of leadership style in a practical way to make leaders better. While we customize all sessions in partnership with our clients, we offer three main ways to share this hidden code of style and help leaders develop a more impactful executive presence:


The Hidden Code of Executive Style Presentation/Dialogue

In this 60-90 minute presentation, we will discuss the value of a more strategic communication style and how to more effectively flex style to engage and influence people in everyday conversations, meetings, and presentations. We’ll unlock the hidden code and explore how a variety of power markers, nonverbal and verbal behaviors can make you more credible to your team, clients, colleagues, friends and family. This session can be straight content delivery or add extra time for a team that knows each other to create dialogue and exchange feedback about each other’s style.


Executive Conversations Program

This offering is intended for a group of leaders to engage in a one or two-day program focused on building executive presence and advocacy in all types of leadership conversations. Both workshops include assessment and observations in real leadership scenarios while the second day is geared toward leaders who have a large influence or sales component to their role and emphasizes advocacy skills.


Executive Presence Coaching

One-on-one Executive Presence Coaching provides individuals who want to work on building a more credible leadership style in a private forum with a Style Science Coach an opportunity to receive honest feedback about their style, and ongoing support to make concentrated changes. For a more scalable and lighter coaching access for a group of leaders, you can add Coaching Office Hours for a one-time coaching session for any group of leaders participating in one of the Style Science Presentations, Dialogues or Programs.