In emergent situations, style matters, but so does substance.

Superior construction requires an acute eye for underlying structure as well as ornamentation—both purpose and panache. The Presentation Architecture® approach provides senior leaders with speaking strategies and tools to lead any presentation, conversation, or meeting to create impactful and persuasive messages that they deliver with confidence. The most effective communicators understand that a presentation is not an isolated event, but a single conversation within the context of a larger relationship. We engage with our clients to develop their personal speaking style with three main goals:

  • Building Credibility. Being believable starts with the person, not the message. Leaders build credibility by making contextual choices and using symbolic moments to display their character and build deep relationships with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.
  • Message Design. The best speakers make strategic choices so the framing of the context, narrative, and words themselves work in conjunction with a targeted message. They understand the art of improvisation and never lose sight of the desired outcome, even in fluid conversations.
  • Delivery Acumen. We believe charisma is made, not born. The most compelling speakers use distinct markers of confidence that can be practiced and absorbed into an everyday speaking style. Speech rate, volume, and body language create vivid emotional impact while facilitation skills create dialogue and fruitful conversation. All of these characteristics can be developed with specific routines and behaviors.

Presentation Coaching

We engage the most senior leaders or teams in individual coaching engagements. The engagements focus on creating and executing a preparation strategy for an upcoming presentation, interview, pitch, or board meeting while refining overall communication style.

Presentation Architecture® Workshops

We offer customized 1.5-day workshops to our clients to engage their teams in conversation and share best practices as it relates to their unique challenges within the organization. Program elements can include recorded presentations with group feedback, one-on-one individual coaching, and materials for continued development.

Keynote Presentations

Our coaches can deliver keynote presentations on effective communication, how messages work inside of organizations, displaying credibility through presentation, or similar customized topics.